Promotion rules Binomo

Promotion rules “Bring a friend” 1. General provisions of the Promotion
1.1. The Bring-A-Friend promotion (hereinafter the Promotion) is conducted in order to promote the Binomo trading platform (hereinafter “the Platform” or “the Binomo Platform“).
1.2. Participants of the Promotion (hereinafter referred to as the “Participants”) must be legally capable individuals who are registered users of the Binomo platform.
1.3. A Friend is a person that is known to and has received from the Participant of the Promotion a special link to the registration form on the Binomo platform.
1.4. By participating in the Promotion, Participants fully agree to these Rules.
1.5. The terms and conditions of these Rules only apply to traders from India.

2. Information about the organiser of the Promotion
2.1. The Promotion is organised by Dolphin Corp. (a company registered under the laws of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, registration number 25151 IBC 2018, headquartered at First Floor, First St. Vincent Bank Ltd Building, James Street, Kingstown, St.Vincent and the Grenadines).
2.2. Details of the Promotion are available for review on the website at (hereinafter the “Organiser’s Website”).

3. Dates and conditions for participation in the Promotion
3.1. The Promotion is held on 09/12/2019 to 31/01/2020.
3.2 To participate in the Promotion, the Participant shall forward a link during the period of the Promotion for registering on the Binomo Platform received from the Organiser to persons that have not registered on the Platform before.

4. The procedure for determining the winners of the Promotion
4.1. The Participant whose Friend has met all of the conditions below is the winner of the Promotion:
– the Friend has signed up on the Binomo Platform by clicking the link received from the Participant of the Promotion;
– the Friend has made his or her first deposit on a real account in the Platform;
– the Friend trades on the Binomo Platform during the period of the Promotion.
4.2. The number of Winners in the Promotion is unlimited.

5. Information on the timing and procedure for receiving prizes for winners of the Promotion
5.1. The Winner receives 5 US dollars for each of the first 10 referred Friends that have met conditions of clause 4.1 of these Rules.
5.2. Each of the first ten (10) Friends that have been referred by the Participant and meet all of the conditions set out in clause 4.1 of these Rules gets a no-deposit bonus of five (5) US dollars.
5.3. Money is credited to the Winner’s personal account on the Binomo Platform within 2 weeks after the end of the Promotion but, at any rate, not later than 14/02/2020.
5.4. Bonuses are credited to the Friend’s personal account on the Binomo Platform within 2 weeks after the end of the Promotion but, at any rate, not later than 14/02/2020.
5.5. To withdraw bonus funds, the Friend needs to achieve a trade turnover on the bonus which is equal to the bonus amount multiplied by leverage. The bonus leverage is 35.

6. Additional Conditions
6.1. The Participant of the Promotion may not send him- or herself the link for participation in the Promotion as a Friend.
6.2. New accounts may not be registered by existing registered users nor any other fraudulent actions may be undertaken by users to participate in the Promotion.
6.3. Money is credited for a maximum of ten (10) Friends per Participant for the entire period of the Promotion.
6.4. Whenever the Organiser considers an action and/or omission by the Participant of the Promotion and/or the Friend to be in bad faith and otherwise violating these Rules, the Organiser reserves the right not to grant money/Bonuses or revoke money/Bonuses granted as a result of the Promotion.
6.5. The Organiser does not reimburse or compensate for losses, costs, and any other expenses that the Participant of the Promotion and/or his or her Friend may incur by participating in this Promotion.
6.6. By performing implicative actions, the Participant agrees to the Organiser processing his or her personal data, ID, publishing photo and video materials, including by posting them on the Organiser’s website, in channels, Binomo platform groups on social media, and the Organiser’s promotional materials. The participant may withdraw his or her consent by emailing respective notification to
6.7. The Organiser may at any time modify the Rules of the Promotion by posting respective information on the Organiser’s Website. Participants of the Promotion shall monitor any updates to the Rules of the Promotion by checking such changes on the Organiser’s Website.